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How it began…

Bunter Spring Winery is a small family-operated winery in the Coombsville AVA in the southeast corner of Napa Valley. Our wines are made with few or no additives, and low or no sulfite. Bunter Spring was licensed in 2008, by Mark Bunter, after a brief (thirty years) internship in the wine cellars of people with names like Sebastiani and Mondavi. It all started in 1977 at Bill Cadman’s Tulocay Winery, just up the hill from Bunter Spring, where Mark took on a volunteer bottling line position. Mark got interested in winemaking and started making small batches of wine for fun in the family garage, with free grapes. After helping pick scrounged “second crop” grapes from nearby vineyards for a few vintages, Dad Arnold (Arnie) helped plant a small vineyard on his own property (evidently, owning a vineyard was deemed the lesser of two evils). Within fifteen short years, Arnie was ready to let Mark start selling the family Syrah instead of just giving it away. We don’t rush things at Bunter Spring.

What we value

The family all pitches in. Dad Arnie owns and works in the vineyard, brother Doug runs our Ozarks Marketing Division and mans the tornado early warning station (we’re the only Napa winery to have one), sister Tracy is V.P. of Ag Ops at the little vineyard’s big garden, and brother Dan is Webmaster and Director of Famous Restaurant Sales. Brother Mark (not a priest!) makes the wine. They and all their kids and friends also help pick and bottle, or invent amusing reasons why they can’t.

In case you were wondering, there is no spring at Bunter Spring, unless Margaret Spring (Mark’s wife) is there. Most days she’s away at her day job at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, as V.P. for Conservation and Science, saving the sea otters.

What to expect from us…

Quality and drinking pleasure always come before our ideology- we try to do as little as possible, but we’ll do as much as is necessary to make sure you get a good bottle of wine. There’s no excuse for bad wine.

When it tastes good, we bottle it.

Balance is of the utmost importance.
Mark Bunter, Founder

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Coombsville, Napa Valley, California

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Mark Bunter
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Mark Bunter
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