Contact the winery

The bad news is we are so small our use permit doesn’t allow us to give tours or tastings at the winery.  HOWEVER, if you plan to be in Napa and would like to taste our wines, we may be able to arrange something at a nearby winery.  So please contact us.

The good news is we are so small  the winemaker will answer his phone, or, if he’s busy at his day job, at least reply to your voice mail message.  Call Mark at:

(202) 744-1343.

Yes, that’s a Washington, D.C. area code.  Be mindful about what you say on the voicemail!  Actually, the Feds we have to worry about are in Cincinnati.  Go figure.  At least now I know how to spell it.

And his e-mail: 

Note- he never opens fwds.

By regular mail:

Bunter Spring Winery, P.O. Box 10364, Napa, CA 94581