New Releases Nov 21-22 at the Carmel Valley Tasting Room 10-6 pm.

Check Out Our New Releases this Weekend at the Tasting Room
2014 Fume Blanc
2013 Bunter Natur SyrahBunterSpring_Logo4C
2012 Sonoma Coast Pinot
2012 Napa Valley Garagitage

We’ll Also Have Holiday Specials for our “Not a Wine Club” Mailing List!  To give you a flavor, here’s an update on harvest2015 vintage featured early bud break, early flowering, and an early harvest. Wine quality seems good, with yields 25-50% below the last couple of years. We did score a small amount (one barrel’s worth!) of some truly fabulous organic Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon fruit. The Bunter Syrah estate vineyard in Napa was down in quantity from 2014 but the quality in 2015 seems spectacular.  We also will have Santa Cruz Sauvignon Blanc again in 2015, which is great because we’ve sold out of the 2014! However, we kept one barrel of 2014 Sauvignon Blanc for additional “sur lie” aging, and bottled it as Fume Blanc.  We have been in a Conundrum (wine geek joke) over our Love Child Sweet Chardonnay. Some people turn green at the mere mention of sweet Chardonnay, others drink it with delight and gush over it. It has 3% residual sugar, similar to many popular gewurtz or riesling wines, and only a fraction as sweet as true dessert wines.  We drank it with pumpkin pie. It’s a MIRACLE!  It doesn’t just taste good with pumpkin pie, it makes the pie taste better. That’s what wine and food pairing is supposed to do.  And, checking the calendar, it’s Thanksgiving soon. Thank You, God.  We recommend Kitchen Pink pieRose with the turkey and cranberry sauce, and Love Child Sweet Chardonnay with the pumpkin pie. It’s what we will be drinking (I suspect there will also be some Pinot Noir consumed).

Happy Holidays from Bunter Spring Winery and Friends!